No. Articles  Author(s)
P01 The Experimental Study of Arduino;s Application Towards The Development of Dexterous Manipulator Muazzin Mupit, Abdul Syahid M. Rasidi, Aiman Nazmi Rosli View
P02 Sport Spring for Mobile Robotic Sazly Anuar, Noraqilah Sidek, Farah Hana Mukhtar, Norzanah Md Said View
P03 My Event Manager (MyEM): A Knowledge Management Initiative in The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT) Sazly Anuar, Salfarina Abdullah View
P04 Raising Awareness on the Importance of Knowledge Transfer in Software Architecture Development Sazly Anuar, Salfarina Abdullah View
P05 A Theoretical Review on Static and Dynamic Scratchpad Memory Sazly Anuar, Md. Nasir Sulaiman, Nur Izura Udzir, Nor Fazlida Mohd. Sani View
P06 Students’ Motivation Level in Learning Mathematics through Online Quizzes Elizabeth Soo, Tuan Salwani Salleh, Noraishiyah Abdullah, Norhayati Bakri View
P07 English Language Communication Needs at Workplace as Perceived by Students Siti Dewi Zatia Zahari, Akma Azlin Mohd Zain, Noranisah Abu Bakar, Ida Suriana Basri, Sumaiyyah Omar View
P08 A Preliminary Study of Door-Buck and Installation System (D.I.S) for Door Installation Mohd Yazman Yaakub, Khairunisa Kamarudin, Mokhairoladzmeer Mohd @ Mohammad, Ahmad Zuraili Yop Shahari, J.M. Juraidi View
P09 An Application of Sequential Function Chart (SFC) in Automation System Taha Bin Hj. Mohamed, Nor Sehah Binti Hj. Abd Karim ViewView
P10 Rapid Prototyping of Distributed Arithmetic Haar & Daubechies Wavelet Transform for Medical Image Compression Noor Huda Ja’afar, Afandi Ahmad View
P11 Controlling a DC brushless motor via Raspberry Pi B+ Norsehah Bt Hj Abd Karim, Taha bin Mohamed, Muhammad Ziyad Fattah bin Kamaruzaman, Akma Azlin Bt Mohd Zain View
P12 Design, Construction and Study Refrigeration System With Underground Heat Source Ilyas Norrin Tumirin, Azrul Abdullah View
P13 Design and Analysis of Chassis for Go-Kart Using Finite Element Ana Salwa Ramli, Ahmad Yasir B Md Said, Enzo Chalons View
P14 The M-Learning Platform to Integrate Mathematics into Image Processing Tuan Salwani Salleh, Norhayati Bakri, Zalhan Mohd Zin View
P15 The Effect of Using Different Types of Engine Oil for Gasoline Engine Performance, Exhaust Emission And Temperature Daut A.Shahril, J.M Juraidi, Jufriadi, Guyu. V View
P16 Performance Evaluation of Cooling System for Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal Module W. Mustafa, Othman .MY, Fudholi .A, Zakaria K.P, Hamid .H, Jantan .S, Fairus .M, Che Din .J View
P17 Prototype Development of a Simple Hearing Impaired Sign Language Translator Glove using Flex Sensor Murniwati Anwar, Muhammad Afiq Faiz Mohd Noor, Wan Muhammad Fadhli Wan Muhd Fadzil, Lukman Hakim Omar, Muhammad Sobri Ramli View
P18 Developing Spherical Robot at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Murniwati Anwar, Lukman Hakim Omar, Yusof Mohd Ekhsan, Muhammad Nazwan Hafiz Mhd Nadzir, Mohamad Sukri Mohamad Kasim View
P19 Portable Solar Power Supply W.M. Khairudin, M. Fairus .H, Steve .S, K. Parman .Z View
P20 Wear Mechanism on PVD Coated Carbide in Threaded Machining of Titanium Based Alloy Under Flooded Condition HAMDAN Siti Hartini, MUHAMMAD M. N. Ajwad, Md SAID Ahmad Yasir View
P21 Microstructure Study of Threaded Titanium Based Alloy (Ti-6AI-4V) Uder Wet Condition HAMDAN Siti Hartini, MUSA M.K Nazrin, Md SAID Ahmad Yasir View