Publication Ethics

The Journal of Science and Engineering Technology (JSET) is a monthly, open access, peer reviewed international journal which calls for unique, unpublished research papers in various subjects of Engineering Technology, Management, Science, Mathematics and many other streams of knowledge.  

Journal of Science and Engineering Technology (JSET) is known for the publication of unique and authentic research articles which truly considers the copyright guidelines and to protect the rights of our authors. The research papers are written by scholars after in depth study and wish to protect the rights of use. Our dedicated team of scientists and academicians help and improve research work with cutting edge forefront innovations by avoiding plagiarism.

Most of the authors represent some institutions or are guides to budding scholars and their original research work will be the base for further studies. Infringing the content of knowledge or work of other scholars will be harm to the community of education.

All submitted research articles are assessed by our Review board and Editorial board members utilizing two fold dazzle associate evaluation process so as to avoid plagiarism.

Journal of Science and Engineering Technology (JSET) set quality standards for the acceptance of appropriate and most effective research articles. It expects from authors that they will check their compositions for written falsification test and determine they are submitting just extraordinary content for publication.